About Me

hi!! i'm celestialtitania but you can call me fay! i'm way too obsessed with zines, but when i'm not working on those, you can find me drinking way too much coffee and working on my wips.

  • she/her | 18+

  • sfw fic writer

  • fandoms i write for: bnha, ml, pjo

contributor experience

zine namefandomrolestatus
Women in the WorldOriginalWritercomplete
Simply the BestMLWritercomplete
New BeginningsMLWritercomplete
A Familiar CharmMLWriterfree release

modding experience

zine namefandomrolestatus
Loveybug ZineMLsoc med modapps
Something Just Like This -EraserMic ZineBNHAwriting/beta/ socials/ finance interncreation
Let's Start A Riot -Kirishima Eijirou Appreciation ZineBNHAwriting/betapre-orders
WintertideBNHAsocials & writingcreation
Boku no CalendarBNHAorg & socialsshipping
Dangan PartyDRsocialsproduction