hi! i'm fay! part-time student and full-time writer, or is that supposed to be the other way around?

About Me

i'm celestialtitania but you can call me fay!

  • she/her | 18+

  • sfw fic writer

  • fandoms i write for: bnha, ml, pjo

contributor experience

zine namefandomrolestatus
Women in the WorldOriginalWritercomplete
Simply the BestMLWritercomplete
New BeginningsMLWritercomplete
A Familiar CharmMLWriterfree release
Sun, Moon, AscendantBNHAWritercreation

modding experience

zine namefandomrolestatus
Something Just Like This -EraserMic ZineBNHAwriting/beta & socialsapps
Let's Start A Riot -Kirishima Eijirou Appreciation ZIneBNHAwriting & betacreation
WintertideBNHAsocials & writingcreation
Boku no CalendarBNHAorg & socialsproduction
Dangan PartyDRsocialsproduction